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Pegasus 6" Wireless Remote Control Curved Ripple Peg With Harness

You may be thinking: "Saying the name out loud is leaving me breathless but what does it even mean?" Let's break down the beauty of the Pegasus 6" Wireless Remote Control Curved Ripple Peg with Harness then, and maybe the toy's features will be the one who's going to leave you breathless *wink wink*

For starters, the Curved Ripple Peg is a 6-inch silky-smooth silicone dildo with bumps along its length and bulbous tip that could seriously be felt every glide in the vagina, anus, or heck, even oral sex! (if getting pegged in the mouth is your thing, of course)

The dildo has an oval-shaped base with suction cup that could be attached on any smooth surface OR any harness (yes, you read that right - this long boy could be played with by yourself or with a partner and you don't even have to worry what kind of harness as long as you could attach the base of the dildo on it)

The cherry on top of this sweet, sweet fantasy is that it also VIBRATES! - Using the wireless remote control, it can be controlled up to 30 feet away (which lets the one being penetrated have the chance to set the pace!) But is it waterproof? Absolutely! You can literally submerge it in the shower or bath and it'd still be powerfully rumbly just like how it was when it's dry. 

The added harness makes it ideal for pegging and penetration (regardless of gender, as long you're into thrusting and getting thrusted into!)

  • Brand: Pegasus
  • Material: body-safe silicone, nylon and ABS 
  • 15 vibration patterns and 6 vibrating speeds
  • Wireless remote control up to 30 feet away
  • Bulbous tip for deep, satisfying penetration and an oval-shaped suction base
  • Flared teardrop base for better control
  • Integrated pull tab on the dildo for easy removal
  • Includes 3 rubber O-rings of 1.25", 1.75", and 2" diameter
  • Use time: 60 minutes (continuous play)
  • Fully-adjustable harness
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Battery: USB-rechargeable 

Ride all night long and let our dildos take you to places you’ve only imagined before. Use it alone or with a partner, but remember to stay safe! Lube up and use our toy cleaner after every session. We have dildos for all genders and no hole is left behind. Shop around for a dildo best suitable for your lifestyle, get one attachable to a harness or stick it on the wall for some extra fun.

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