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Okinsei Thruster

Imagine if penises can do more than thrust, that would've been a "whole package" hardcore hornies would dream to have and here at ilya, we always give "whole packages" so... *drum rolls* we bring to you the Okinsei Thruster (doing more than thrust even if it only has "Thruster" in its name!)

This 7.5-inch monster cock could also rotate and thrust or both then, pleasure you in its own girthy way that would suit the mood you're in - either soothing massages to jackhammering. The Okinsei Thruster could also heat up just like how steamy it gets during true-to-life intercourse but not too much it would burn you, nope. It goes through this warming cycle where it will make your hole snug, cools down for a bit to let you breathe (maybe, edge you *wink*) until it fully warms back up again.

"Yeah, it does all those stuff but can it penetrate me underwater or in the shower?" we literally mean it when we said the Okinsei Thruster is a "whole package" because it can do all those penetration with thrusting, rotating, and heating even when you're all wet (thanks to this huge packer being Waterproof IPX7!)

"Does it also stick to surface or allow my partner to attach it on their strap-on harness?" Yes - believe it or not (after all the lengthy features we've just explained) - it also has a round suction cup base that stays secured on any smooth surface and could be hooked to any harness.

  • Brand: Okinsei
  • 7 vibration patterns
  • 5 thrusting and rotating patterns
  • Heating function (double click the "heating" button to activate and the LED will flash red - indicating that your girthy companion will heat up to 100% for the first 5 minutes, then warm down to 30% after 5 minutes, until it reached 10% after another 5 minutes then stop for 15 minutes until it turns up to 100% again) 
  • Combine thrusting, rotating, and vibrating functions (just shortly click the power button, easy-peasy!)
  • Sturdy suction cup base that you can attach to any smooth surface
  • Harness compatible
  • How It Measures
    • Total Length: 7.5 in
    • Insertable Length: 5.9 in
    • Diameter: 1.3 in
  • Material: Body-safe silicone, ABS
  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Use time: Up to 50 minutes
  • Charging time: Up to 3 hours
  • Charging tip: if the product will not be used for a long period of time, the battery should be recharged at least once every 3 months. If possible, avoid fully draining the battery.
  • Waterproof: yes (IPX7)

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