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Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy's Pure Wand's so good and adored, it's practically a celebrity in the sex toy world! It's a hefty toy that does the job both for the prostate and G-spot. Designed meticulously with specific measurements to achieve that ideal curvature that simply. Works.

  • Brand: Njoy
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 2.5 cm small orb, 3.8 cm large orb, 20 cm length
  • Weight: 0.68 kg 
  • Waterproof: yes

Whether you’re a beginner or expert in anal, you came in the right place. We peg you as the type to be adventurous in bed. ilya offers toys that caters to those who love hitting their g-spot through anal. Butt plugs and anal beads are also a fun way to stimulate your prostate and get yourself an eye-watering orgasm. You know what they say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pardon my French, but this sh*t is amazing!

Let me begin with this: My girlfriend and I came more times than we could count to this wonder stick.

I ordered this a few days ago and service was topnotch. No BS and very straight forward. Gotta love a shop that puts customers first. Transaction didn't take more than two days and I got my product in three. Did I mention they're discreet? Did I mention they gave me a little something extra? Love you ilya folks!

So my girlfriend and I had some great sex to get us ready for what was coming next. Holy moly did this heavy piece of metal stir her insides like magic fingers. She couldn't stop cumming! Just helping her along while slowly sliding the tool in and out of her was satisfying enough!

She conked out from the intense experience and I... Well. I sanitized it--easy enough--before I did some analyzing of my own, if you catch my drift. Damn did the head of this silver serpent bump against my prostate. If there ever was paradise, it would be this big boi releasing the spunk from my manhood. Twice. In succession.

If I didn't have something scheduled tomorrow, I'd have been massaging my insides for hours.

If you're intimidated by this hefty shaft, fear not! This might just be the best toy out there. Don't even think. Just listen to your boy or girl pp. Get it and take it for a spin. You will not regret a single cent.

PS there is plenty of online content, ilya's included, that talks about how to handle these types of toys. It pays to git learned.

Have a happy Oh-oh-orgasm~!

The Connoisseur
Long Lasting Manual Prostate Massager

It's long length and curved shape allows for easier use and can go very deep. Being made of metal, you can use any type of lube with it. Despite being somewhat heavy, it's very easy to handle. You can use it to find your "perfect spot". Cleanup is no problem. The best part is that this can probably also double as a weapon, so it's a two in one deal. Being a lazy fellow, however, using this can be quite tiring, so I would probably go for a hands-free prostate massager.

5 stars for ilya, 6 stars for toy (sorry ilya)

Male here who got interested in anal/prostate play, and this was highly, highly recommended for that based on forums. I saw that Ilya was the only store that offered it in the PH, so I bought it almost instantly. They were able to package it very discreetly and securely; lots of bubble wrap and all that.

First thing you'll notice about the toy is that it's a LOT heavier than it seems and it's AWESOME. It's stainless steel so it won't bend too much/at all + pretty easy to clean + compatible with different lubes. The weight makes it really easy to play with, too. "Self-defense weapon" works as an excuse, too.

The toy is fucking amazing for prostate play. It's curved at the perfect angle, so you practically instantly feel the "ooh" of something pleasurable. Like someone online said: smaller end = precision, bigger end = force. The smaller end is very precise that you can feel the effect the toy has on the prostate almost immediately. because of that, I honestly practically wanted to ram in the big end almost immediately. Of course, the bigger end takes a while to get used to for beginners to anal play, like I was.

Only con is that it can get tiring for newbies like me because I want to play with it all day/night. (All toys naman ata ganun tho)

Bottom line is, all the reviews were right; even if I haven't arrived at a prostate-only orgasm, my sessions have still been very, very fun; and I couldn't have cum this far without this toy. This made me want to do anal play more. <3

Mr. Worldwide
Wrist Friendly

I ordered this a month ago.

Discreet toy. One time pumunta ako ng cafe and asked strangers "Ano tooooooo?". They said boomerang(luh), blunt weapon, back scratcher or art deco. No one knew it was a sex toy, pero I think suspicious yung isang babae.

The toy 0.68kg, pero yung weight distribution niya makes it feel heavier. Stainless steel siya, pero handle it with care kasi hindi scratch proof ang material. It's around a 4.0 on the Moh's Scale. Clean up is easy compared to silicone toys.

Because of its curve you just insert it and it can find the G-Spot. Its weight makes it sink and apply constant pressure upwards. Better option than flexing your middle and ring fingers continuously. Rocking motion is needed and you can choose from light tap tap tap to jack hammer da da da (with her consent of course).

Those reviews online about soaking towels? True.

Lasts for a life time, would recommend.

keep 'em coming!