Nexus Gyro

Straight talk. This Nexus Gyro can look a bit intimidating in person (that flared base is big!) if you don't know what you're looking at.

But like as most things, once understood, it becomes less scary. It's called Gyro because it helps you gyrate. That huge bulbous (and weighted) base is there so that while it's inside, you can hula with you ass... hands free! Literally just sit down and gyrate your way to orgasm ... after orgasm... after orgasm... It's one of our new favorite toys now!

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

  • weighted round ball base for gyration
  • 15 x 7.11 x 15
  • insertable length 10cm
  • shaft circumference 12.7cm
  • ball base cicumference 12.7cm
  • shaft width 4.2cm
  • phthalate free (obviously!)

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