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Iroha Zen Matcha

The Zen line of Iroha's here! These babies are available in 3 colors, Matcha (Green Tea), Hanacha (Flower Tea), and Yuzucha (Citrus Tea).

Not only do these lovelies look cute as heck, they're as soft as a cloud, mochi, and a baby's butt combined! They're also dust-proof and water-proof because, as you know, the Japanese are serious as can be when it comes to hygiene! 

*adding to cart this page includes Zen Matcha alone and not the entire set of 3. Other models in the picture are used only as reference.

  • Brand: Iroha
  • 3 speeds, 1 pattern
  • Material: soft-touch silicone
  • Dimensions: 1.3 x 1.3 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Battery: 2x AAA

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customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
first timer here‍
The best!

Haven’t tried the item yet, but it’s the cutest thing! Easy to clean and veeeeery soft.

Ordered this at 10pm and received it at 11am the next day.

Should have bought the mikazuki

I'm almost 50 and have not had a lot of experience sexually. But I read an article written by experts that says to prevent vaginal atrophy it's recommended to use a vibrating dildo to improve blood circulation.

Sadly I think my vaginal walls have become too thin at my age that the rib design makes it painful to insert. Yes even lubed. I've not had the same issue with my glass toy that just slides in and out like it's nobody's business. Except glass dildos don't vibrate and I need one that does.

Reason is I'm also hoping to improve elasticity down there so that my partner wouldn't have to wait a ridiculously long time for my lady bits to adjust on the times that we engage in some adult fun. Madonna's "Like a Virgin" anthem gets really old in my case.

Anyway next time I'm going to try the iroha mikazuki so that it doesn't have any ribbing. I trust iroha's build quality and materials safety.

If you're in a similar sitch, I recommend that you skip this one.

But if you're a healthy young adult, or someone with more experience than me then go for it.

I tried it in the shower it's waterproof, and it's unbelievably quiet. Like a whisper. No one's going to hear you unless you scream. Batteries included.

A lost (trans) boy
First vibe, first (sex toy) love!

I'm new to all this and had been looking at Iroha products for quite some time now (they're so aesthetic). This one stands out to me since I love matcha, and found all the more realistic/phallic looking vibes intimidating. I also appreciate how elegant the packaging and product itself are!

Ilya shipped the morning after I ordered in a discreet package, and I'm proud to have made my first steps toward self love :D The vibrations are very gentle, which works for a first timer like myself. The motor is as quiet as all the reviews say. It's fun to squish and easy to clean too. Thank you to Ilya for making this lovely product available~!

Take Your Sweet Time

I remember browsing through your shop, seeing this series and immediately wanted one. I absolutely love matcha tea... and now I can enjoy it in more ways than one 💚 Compared to most toys I've had, this one is actually not as strong on the get go. The vibrations are more gentle (even on the strongest setting) and it pairs well with the softness of it and the ridges -- a perfect combo. It caresses nicely and is meant for you to really take your time, enjoy it very thoroughly. Though you might need some lube for anyone that plans on inserting it (since its 'head' is rather wide). Overall great experience, something you should use to really pamper yourself (or your partner) with!

✨ magnolia ✨
holy 👏 fuck 👏

Bought this at Maginhawa - I love the shop, it's so chill and the staff was very accommodating 💖
This was my first toy and I must say, it's one of the best investments I've ever made. The bulbous part is super soft and the ridges give some extra sensation 👌 In the right mood, this toy can get me off in under 10 minutes 😍

keep 'em coming!