Fun Factory Jam

The perfect gift, first toy, or travel vibe, the JAM is the gold standard for pocket-sized silicone vibrators. Lined with stimulating ridges made of velvety silicone, this is no ordinary mini vibrator. Whether you’re running the textured surface along your partner’s most sensitive areas or using the tapered tip to pinpoint the perfect spot, this little toy expands your options for play.

The JAM’s small size means that it’s easy to slip into a suitcase, backpack, or even purse without sacrificing space for necessities or weighing your bag down. It’s also awesome for camping, house-sharing, hostels, or any other place where you won’t necessarily have a private place to charge your vibe. Just bring an extra battery and you’re set! All this makes the JAM the perfect travel vibrator.

  • Brand: Fun Factory
  • plenty of power for a mini vibrator
  • ridges that tease as you run them along the clit
  • travel-friendly size
  • Material: body-safe materials, non-porous and hypoallergenic
  • Measurements: 12.6 x 1.9-3 cm
    • Weight: 67 grams
    • Waterproof: yes
    • Battery: AA Battery

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