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Oral Sex Toys

You’re goin’ down! Shop the extensive selection of oral sex toys brought to you by ilya, the retailer of choice among many in the Philippines when it comes to high-quality sex toys and accessories for intimate play. Whenever you’re craving some suckage, just bust one of these out and you’ll soon be on your way to creamtown. This selection of toys is made with the mouth in mind, and features motors and vacuums designed to simulate the comfortable, relaxed sucking you would expect when receiving really good head. Of course, these wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t ramp up the power when you really needed to, but don’t worry, these definitely have what you’re looking for.
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These toys are sure to deliver and will get you to that deeply satisfying finish every time. Some of the models included in this collection mimic the sensation of a tongue against your naughty bits. Pair it with the personal lubricant of your choice to recreate the sensation of being licked and nudged in all the right places.

For a harder, more intense experience, you may want to try out one of the oral sex toys that mimic sucking. Fitted with a small vacuum, these models absolutely suck, in exactly the way that you want them to. Use it on the labia to get things started, or apply it right to the clit for the ultimate eye-rolling, toe-curling orgasm.

Interested in the tech that makes these go? Many of the models included in this collection come with an app! Simply give your partner access to the controls for the ultimate sexual experience, no matter the distance between you.

Best of all, all of the toys in this collection are made from only the best medical-grade silicone, so you know they’ll take care of you every time they take care of you. Try one of these oral sex toys out today, and get ahead!

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