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December 21, 2017 4 min read

Christmas is just around the corner, and while many of us are gearing up for the season of giving, a lot of us are also preparing ourselves for the season of eating. December is known to be the time of pigging out, with all the Christmas parties, and Noche Buenas that people are just waiting to attend. While a lot of us are gearing up for get-togethers, some might be planning out a sexy Christmas date for that certain special someone. Aiming for a sexy mood isn’t always easy, but eating the right kind of food can help along the way. Today, we introduce Aphrodisiacs.


But what exactly are they? With one of the most accurate definitions, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has defined aphrodisiacs as any food or drink that claims to have the ability to increase or improve sexual desire and performance (Borelli, 2015). One Clinical Sexologist, a person who specializes in providing therapy in the field of human sexuality ("Center for Sexual Health & Rehabilitation|About Clinical Sexology|Clinical Sexologist|Clinical Sexology|Sex Therapy|Sex Therapist|Sexologist|Sexology", 2017), by the name of Kat van Kirk explained that aphrodisiacs work their magic on our bodies in several ways. Certain foods increase blood flow and nutrients to the genitals, while some affect our bodies bio-chemistry in order to helps us feel more relaxed or aroused. She also says that other foods get you excited for sex simply because they’re often associated with it (Miller, 2015). There are a lot of foods out there that have a reputation for working well as aphrodisiacs, but do all of them work as advertised? Not really. Below, let’s go take a look at some of the foods that work, and which one’s don’t. 


*Note: the following foods mentioned below came from a study conducted by doctors Elizabeth West and Michael Krychman in 2015, which evaluated the effectivity of various foods known to produce sexual enhancing effects. The study was published in the International Society for Sexual Medicine.


1. Chocolate

Verdict:Sadly, no.


Chocolate cake in a plate

Despite the fact that chocolate is one of the most associated foods with romance, a recently conducted study showed that users who took chocolate showed no differences in sex drive from users who didn’t take chocolate. There was also no difference among users when it came to sexual functioning, leaving chocolate a bust on the list of aphrodisiacs. However, chocolate was found to be rich in anti-oxidants, making it good for the heart.


2. Ginseng

Verdict:Survey says (drum roll) maybe.

Where can you find it:Tea, supplements, and some medicines


While the data on ginseng is still fairly new, researchers were able to find promising results when they tested it on their participants. Reports say that it has shown to help out those with Erectile Dysfunction, and that a specific type of ginseng, Korean Red Ginseng, has also been known to increase sexual arousal in women undergoing menopause.


3. Oysters

Verdict:Alas, they do not.


Oyster have long been thought of as aphrodisiacs by a lot of people. This was in part due to the fact that they contain zinc, which is an element needed to produce testosterone. Another reason was that they were believed to have high levels of amino acid and serotonin, which were thought to increase someone’s sensations of pleasure. However, when researchers put oysters to the test, they found that apart from tasting good when baked with cheese, there was no evidence to suggest that oysters actually had an effect on anybody’s sexual functioning. 


4. Gingko Biloba

Verdict: The signs look positive

Where can you find it: Chinese Medicine and Supplements


Now, some of you might be thinking, “What the heck is Gingko Biloba?” The answer is that it’s something that might actually be promising when it comes to dealing with sexual problems. Gingko Biloba is actually an extract in Chinese medicine that has been known for its positive effects when treating depression, and more recently studied, sexual dysfunction. The study showed that men and women who ingested Gingko Biloba were found to show improvements in sexual performance. However, researchers also warn that Gingko Biloba has been known to result in higher instances of bleeding risks so they recommend taking it with caution, and with the advice of a doctor.


5. Honey

Verdict:No, unless you’re Winnie the Pooh already in love with Honey


Waffle with honey

Honey has developed a reputation from old tales and myths of carrying the ability to rejuvenate the sex lives of couples and marriages. This was a belief that was held so strongly that some researchers thought that the term “honey-moon” came from the fact that in the older times, newlywed couples were always advised to drink a mixture of honey and fermented water in order for them to have a long and active sex life. Sadly, studies have shown that honey has no more effects on your sex life than doing the rain dance has on the weather. 


Note: While we at Ilya encourage you guys to explore the world of food and sex as much as you like, we still want you guys to be safe. We still highly suggest you consult a doctor if you plan on taking anything to help your sex life to ensure that you will be healthy and happy as you eat your way to a sexy time.




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By: AJ Lim

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