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January 31, 2021 2 min read

Care guide



Read Your Manuals

Know the product information and care instructions provided inside your toy box.


Know Your Toy’s Materials

Different materials have different care methods, better know what works for your babies.


Know if your toy is waterproof

Most of our toys are waterproof, you know, just in case.


Check your toys for exterior damages

We don’t want you getting hurt during your play time.


Lube up! (but know the right kind)

Some lubes can destroy your toy or worse, it might kill them. Better use the right kind, alright?


Be extra aware when sharing toys.

Sharing isn’t always caring, be cautious especially when there’s a risk of STIs and STDs.


Cleaning vs Sanitizing

Tips are on their way. Keep reading.



Nothing’s worse than a tired toy when you’re about to get there.


Chill and Have fun!

Just relax and enjoy yourself.




Clean your toys before and after use.

Dirt can cause bacterial growth. Your toys deserve good hygiene too.


Use Mild Soap and Water.

Some soaps may be too harsh for your toys, use fragrance-free ones and rinse them thoroughly with water.


Not every toy is entirely water-proof.

Make sure that the portions that cannot be wet are dry. Alright?


For the waterproof ones

Make sure all parts are in place to prevent water seepage.


Oooh! Leather!

Always clean and maintain your leather toys with leather conditioner. Leather is porous and is more prone to bacteria.


For the ribbed and has ridges

Make sure to get all the little nooks and crannies clean. Don’t let the bacteria hide in those places.


Don’t sundry your toys- they’re not tomatoes.

Certain materials may degrade faster under direct sunlight.


Let them dry completely

Yes, before storing.




Store the toy separately and individually

To ensure maximum longevity and cleanliness



Container provided by manufacturer

Non-lint cloth bag

Resealable plastic bags


Clean and Dry!

Before storing make sure that your toys are clean and dry to avoid molds from growing.


Store in a cool, dry place!

To avoid materials from degrading due to improper storage. This applies to leather toys too.


Take your batteries out!

When storing your battery-operated toy, remove the batteries to extend use-span and life of its motor.


Do not overcharge.

You know, to preserve battery life.


We offer:

7 Days Return and Exchange Policy

6 Months Warranty Policy

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