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March 06, 2017 2 min read

We hope you love Ilya's fun, playful nature. We really want you to feel like we're your playmates; after all, we're a sex toy shop. But even we weren't born this cute. We have our friends at Serious Studio to thank for that!

One of our favorite images is the fruit. Bananas and cantaloupes, anyone?

These are our Svakom Emma, Minna Limon, and Iroha Fuji-Lemon toys. How cute!

After working with Serious Studio, we forged our brand identity into something playful and cheeky. We love color, puns and suggestive imagery - we let your minds turn green and your cheeks turn pink!

Colors and sex toys mean fun!

Here's our fruity friends: the Iroha Fuji-Lemon and Minna Limon hanging out with more fruits. One for the upper pair of lips and the other for...well, y'know!

We like play with fruity imagery - tasty and colorful; what's not to like? Bear in mind, though - we don't play with the fruits themselves. Just get our toys instead!

Kegel exercises and clitoris vibrator sex toys with fruits on ilya sex toy shop Philippines

Say hello to ourIroha Fuji-Lemon, Minna Limon and Tickler Trainer Single and Trainer Double Kegel Exercise trainers! They look so innocent - just like desk ornaments!

Our aesthetic is all about the playful aspect of sexuality: things don't have to look all sultry and raunchy. Sex can be fun and games, and we think it should be! 

sex toys on a desk

These are two of our lovely vibrators: the Svakom Emma, which is a magic wand massager vibrator with tremendously powerful vibrations and the Svakom Amy g-spot vibrator. Ever played with a g-spot vibrator? It'll make your eyes go wide!

Naughty is fun! We love making puns and alluding, and giggling at dirty jokes is the most fun you can have - sexuality is part mental after all.

Ilya Sex Toy Philippines images for penis vagina and anus

These are cards for penile, vaginal, and anal toys. We giggled a little when we saw them, and we hope they give you the giggles too, at least until you start playing with the toys.

Thanks so much to Serious Studio for making our design.. not serious!

keep 'em coming!