Sensara Universal Cuffs Jacquard

As one of the quickest and easiest ways to assert your dominance in the bedroom, spice up conventional roleplay, or simply give your partner more control, these universal cuffs provide a surprisingly comfortable fit around wrists and ankles with their soft plush interior lining. But, don’t let the comfort fool you, with an exquisite jacquard exterior and clips for alternate tying positions, these cuffs mean serious business when it comes to turning up the heat! Fasten your lover to any shower rod or bed post, or sit back and try not to squirm as you feel the delicious anticipation building from being restrained yourself. Ideal for beginners and enthusiasts alike, these cuffs will have you feeling the pleasure in no time.

  • designer jacquard fabric on one side, soft and plushy feel on the other
  • adjustable with velcro closure
  • with swivel design clasp and O-rings (nickel free)
  • adjustable to 16 inches (40cm)
  • body-safe materials

    Practice responsible kink play with ilya’s BDSM equipment. Shop restraints, paddles, and gags in our store and get things more exciting in the bedroom (or anywhere, really). Satisfy your kinks with Sensara and experience pleasure and control just the way you like it. Don’t hold back with buying equipment, let someone else do the restraining for you.

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