Sensara Paddle Jacquard

With this stylish and durable paddle, you’ll understand why sometimes it feels so good to be so bad! The perfect addition to the bedroom to help you or your partner exert their dominant side, our paddle is fabulous for working into role play and BDSM, and helps bring any fantasy to life for the ultimate sensual experience. With double stitching, a soft ribbon loop, and chic Jacquard designer fabric, novices and seasoned lovers alike will love incorporating this petite and attractive paddle into the bedroom for a thrill that can be enjoyed from initial arousal to orgasm. This paddle is easy to hide and even travel friendly for those who desire a little pain and pleasure while away from home. 

  • designer jacquard fabric with double stitching and ribbon loupe
  • 9x2 inches (22.5x5 cm)
  • body-safe materials


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