Adrien Lastic Pan-t Vibe

All you folks have been asking for vibrating panties so we went and looked for the best one on the market! None of those uncomfortable bullets that easily get dislodged while in use, but instead, here's one that's secured just like your actual panty. It has an ergonomic design to make for a comfortable fit while providing those vibrations you ooh, so seek!

What's more is that it's quite quiet, making it even more versatile - going out to buy groceries? Don't forget your Pan-t Vibe! How about while you're watching a movie? Doooon't forget your friendly versatile ergonomic vibe! Going to your doctor for your annual physical? Maybe leave this at home. 

  • Brand: Adrien Lastic
  • Material: Body-Safe Silicone
  • one powerful motor with 10 vibration modes
  • Dimensions: 15.7 cm x 2.6 cm
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Phthalates Free
  • Body-Safe Materials
  • Battery: USB-rechargeable

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