Sliquid Naturals Silver

Want something that would keep up with your long intimate sessions? Sliquid Silver got you! With just a few drops, Silver’s lubrication would last for hours. Plus, this one’s easy to clean up, just use water and soap and you’re good to go! Spick and span AF! Just be careful not to let your clothing have a drop of the lube or the cloth might be stained – you’d use it naked anyway, so what gives?

Sliquid Silver is also latex, rubber and plastic friendly. So, whether it’s for solo use or couple fun, Sliquid Silver can par up with your raging stamina. Oh, have we told you, this one’s ideal for sensual massages too?

  • Brand: Sliquid
  • 125 ml
  • silicone based
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • glycerin free & paraben free
  • hypoallergenic & non-toxic

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