Lovense Max 2

The bazooka of masturbators! This high technology masturbator will blow you away with its vibrations. Giving you contractions like no other as your partner controls its movement from near or far! With the Lovense Max 2, distance is no longer a problem for couples. 

Pleasure can be adjusted by changing the air pump settings and tightness, which can be done by pressing the buttons on the sleeve, or letting your partner take control from any distance via mobile applications. Taking it further, this toy can even be synced with the Lovense Nora to simulate sex like no other toy on the market. Take that, you long distance enemy, you!

  • Brand: Lovense
  • Vibrator Motor w/ 3 Settings
  • 2 Air Pumps (to mimic contractions!)
  • Sound Activated Vibrations
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Compatible w/ iOS, Android, Mac, Windows PC
  • Material: thermoplastic elastomer sleeve with textured interior
  • Dimensions: 24.14 x 8.58 cm
  • Splashproof Exterior
  • Reusable: yes
  • Battery: USB-rechargeable

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