50 Shades Principles of Lust

"I blink at him, recalling our very, very pleasurable and romantic and downright dirty morning" - page 504

With this set, your experience is sure to be a titillating one. Just imagine being bound (with silk at that, by golly gosh gosh!) and eyes covered while being tickled with your very own kinky feather duster. It even has a finger vibrator... or a cock ring for those on the more miniscule side. All-in-all, this kit is great for those who want to add another dimension to their usual play time!

  • Inclusions:
    • blindfold 
    • silky wrist restraints
    • mini feather tickler
    • finger vibrator - runs on 3 LR41 batteries (included)
    • adjustable cock ring
      Note: Best to be careful with the tightness and do not use for more than 30 minutes at a time. Listen to your body and if it feels uncomfortable, best to loosen or remove completely.
  • Body-safe materials



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